Recent Work

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In the words of one of my personal heroes, “I’m Homestar Runner, and this is a website.”


Titles: Friend. Wife. Learner. Support Specialist. Gamer. Greenvillian.

Likes: games, tea, reading, textures, music

Dislikes: caffeine, Coldplay, humidity


On photo credits, or how I’m learning to advocate for my creative work

In high school, my dad passed down his college camera, a Pentax K1000, to me, and that kicked off a passion for taking pictures. Being able to capture a specific image, a moment in time, is intoxicating. Since then, I’ve invested in that part of myself: taken classes in high school and college, bought equipment, …

Past Work

With my camera, I aim to record everyday moments, those ephemeral glimpses of the divine, to make that which is beyond mere words into the tangible.